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Search employer data through filters designed to help you narrow down specific information. You will have access to employer name, description, contact information, location, and more. To learn more about the data found here or to find out how to update employer information visit the Wisconsin Employer page.

DWD recommends using Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11 or newer in full screen on a desktop computer to view visualizations. More of these tools can be found on the Visual Catalog page. If you would like to create, save and share a visualization, go to the Data Tools page and Create Visualization. Visit the Help Page for assistance with the tools below.

Information and data in the Employer Search tool is not gathered or developed by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's Bureau of Workforce Information and Technical Support. The source of this employer information is the Infogroup® national database. Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved. Have questions on the information shown? Contact Infogroup® at contentfeedback@infogroup.com or 1(800)794-1404. ~ Government Division.

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The information on this site is updated regularly. The same search run at another time may produce different results.

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